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Our Philosophy

We are relationship focused...

We are a comprehensive financial planning firm. Which is a way of saying that we want to be involved with anything in your life that involves money—investments, retirement planning, estate planning, etc. We spend a lot of time with our clients trying to find out where they've been financially, where they currently are financially, and where they want to go, not just financially, but in their life. We assume our clients will either live, die, become disabled or need long term care. We want to have a plan for any of those life events.

We do this by utilizing a broad range of investment vehicles over a broad range of asset classes so that you don't have all of your eggs in one basket. We think it's important for clients to be intentional about how much money or what percentage of their portfolio is in things that either won't decrease in value (cash) or won't fluctuate much in value (bonds). We refer to this as "sleep at night" money—the portion of your portfolio that's not going to fluctuate much so when the US stock market (or some other asset class) goes off track, you're not lying awake wondering where you're going to get the next mortgage payment. 

Once the "sleep at night" portion is allocated, then we take the balance of what we have to work with and spread it out among the various asset classes. We've structured our firm so that anything we recommend, we can implement. We've done that on purpose—we don't want our pocketbook to dictate what we recommend. Most importantly, we want your portfolio to contain the things it needs so you can have the opportunity to achieve your goals.